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Rene Boiteau


Rene graduated from Northwestern in 2009 as a chemistry, earth science, and integrated science major. His interest in organic chemistry began during his freshman year, when he began working in the Meade laboratory on a research project to develop zinc activated MRI probes. After taking an ISP geophysics course during his sophomore year, Rene developed an interest in environmental applications of chemistry, which he pursued as a summer National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) summer intern. Outside of research and academics, Rene enjoyed running along the lake, playing intramural Frisbee, being an active member of the Undergraduate Chemistry Council, and exploring Chicago. After graduating, Rene went on to research paleoclimatology at the University of Cambridge as a Churchill Scholar. He is currently pursuing a PhD in the MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution joint program in Chemical Oceanography.

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