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Tim Klitz

EC 87

Tim graduated from Northwestern with degrees in ISP and Psychology in 1987. After spending 10 years as a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, and earning a PhD in Cognitive and Biological Psychology in 2000, he started his teaching career in 2001 at Washington & Jefferson College, a small (1400 students) liberal arts college south of Pittsburgh, PA. He is now an Associate Professor of Psychology at W&J.

While it may not seem on the surface that a Psychology professor would be using his roots as an ISP, just the opposite is true. Tim says, "While successful in my coursework in ISP, I was looking for someplace else to apply my science and math skills beyond chemistry, physics and biology." While an undergrad at NU, he did summer research on visual precursors to Alzheimer's Disease at Case Western Reserve University. Tim's research work at the University of Minnesota focused on eye movements in reading in those with visual impairments, including working on a computer simulation of the eye movement process in reading. While Tim, is not currently a publishing researcher, he uses his research background and interest in visual perception, cognition, and reading to guide students in their capstone research work in his department.

Tim's ability to think as a scientist allows him to fit in well in the Psychology Department as it is housed within the Science Division at W&J. The expectation is that students leaving with a Psychology major have background in reading and analyzing research articles, designing and executing research studies with human participants, and reporting their results in various professional formats at the end of their capstone. Tim writes, "I am thankful for my ISP background in every course that I teach and every student that I mentor."

Interestingly, when Tim left Northwestern, he had no intention at all of teaching as a career: "I gained a passion for teaching as I paid my way through graduate school as a teaching assistant, helping with day classes and teaching night classes in Sensation & Perception and Introductory Psychology. I found some time (when I was supposed to be doing my PhD research work) to take some classes on the art of teaching, and that sent me on my way."

Tim and his wife, Jane Caldwell (also an ISP EC88 graduate), have now been happily married 16 years and are the proud parents of almost-4-year-old Erin.

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