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Jennifer Mills

ISP Entering Class 2009, WCAS 2013

Jenny is a senior majoring in Integrated Science, Chemistry, and Earth Science, with a minor in Physics. A Goldwater, Hollings, and now Marshall Scholar, Jenny has devoted her academic career to environmental research, studying the evolution of geochemical cycles during past periods of climate unrest and synthesizing novel nanoporous materials for CO2 sequestration.

Outside of class and the laboratory, Jenny plays an array of intramural sports, tutors fellow ISP students, and is heavily involved in science outreach. In addition, Jenny co-founded and co-captained Northwestern’s first undergraduate microgravity team and flew an experiment investigating electrolysis efficiency under microgravity conditions as part of the NASA Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys vegetarian cooking, playing basketball, and hiking whenever she gets the chance.

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