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Felix Richter

ISP Entering Class 2009, WCAS 2013

Felix is a senior majoring in Integrated Science, Chemistry, and Biology, with tracks in nano-bio interfaces and physiology. His current interests lie at the crossroads of oncology and nanotechnology, and in the future he hopes to pursue a MD-PhD in related fields. Felix has been heavily involved with research since high school, through both the Materials Science Department with Vinayak Dravid, PhD, and Radiation Oncology with Gayle Woloschak, PhD.

The goal of this work was to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic nanoparticles in oncology. Felix also helps undergraduates throughout Chicago share their research as Director of the 2013 Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium. Besides research, Felix focuses on

academics, teaches seniors German and Spanish, volunteers at a pediatric unit, and repairs donated medical equipment. Felix is also an avid biker, runner, and swimmer, and enjoys camping in the Rocky Mountains.

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