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Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
First Year
Mathematics 281-1 
Multidimensional calculus 
Physics 125-1 / 126-1 
Chemistry 171 / 181
Accelerated general inorganic chemistry 
Mathematics 281-2 
Vector operators and ordinary differential equations 
Physics 125-2  / 126-2
Electricity and magnetism 
Chemistry 172 / 182
Accelerated general physical chemistry 

Mathematics 281-3 
Systems of differential equations, linear algebra, infinite series 
Physics 125-3 / 126-3
Waves and oscillations 

EECS 111

Second Year
Mathematics 381-0 
Boundary value problems and partial differential equations 
Earth and Planetary Sciences 350
Physics of the earth. 
Chemistry 212-1 / 232-1
Organic chemistry 
Biological Sciences 220
Genetics and Molecular Processes Lab
Mathematics 382-0** 
Complex variables and group theory 
Biological Sciences 241 / 221
Biochemistry and molecular biology 
Physics 339-1 
Quantum mechanics 
Physics 339-2 
Quantum mechanics 
Chemistry 348 
Physical chemistry 
Biological Sciences 240 
Molecular and Cell Biology

Third Year
Physics 339-3 or 337** 
Nuclear and particle physics 
Statistics 383-0** 
Probability and statistics 
Neuroscience 311** 
Biophysical Analysis of Neurons for ISP
Astronomy 331** 
Biological Sciences 323** 
Computational Neuroscience 

** ISP 398 (Undergraduate Research) may substitute for up to three of these courses.

In addition to the curriculum above, ISP students must also fulfill the standard degree requirements for the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.

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